Works in ceramics and glass
1945Born in Amsterdam, February 8
1962/66Art studies at the Rietveld Academy, ceramics section, Amsterdam

Choice of Solo and Group Exhibitions
1970Dutch Ceramics in Czechoslovakia (travelling exhibition)

Confrontation IV, Stedelijk Museum Schiedam
1971Atelier 9, Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam

Dutch Ceramists, Museum Fodor, Amsterdam
1973Contemporary Ceramics, Voorschoten, Warmond
1975Het Kapelhuis, Amersfoort
1977Concorso International Ceramica, Faenza, Italy
1978Overview Exhibition, van Reekum Museum, Apeldoorn

Third Spiezer Ceramics Exhibition, Spiez, Switzerland
1979Museum het Princessehof, Leeuwarden (with Lucebert)
1980John Wortel/Anne van der Waerden, DHV Raadgevend Ingenieursbureau, Amersfoort

Unica of Contemporary European Ceramists, Flehite Museum, Amersfoort
1981Review Exhibition, De Moriaan (of Museum het Kruithuis), Den Bosch

Review from 1978, van Reekum Museum, Apeldoorn

German/Dutch Aplied Arts, Frankfurt, Germany and Gemeente Museum Arnhem

Dionyse International, Sint Pieters Abdij (project of Museum voor Sierkunst), Ghent, Belgium

New Wheel-made Ceramics of Anne van der Waerden, Paleis voor Schone Kunsten, Brussels, Belgium
1983Second Review Exhibition of work since 1981, Van Reekum Museum, Apeldoorn
1985Dutch Ceramics, Elleboog-Church (project of Kapelhuis), Amersfoort
1986Ceramics 86 , Stedelijk Museum, Schiedam
1987Tao in Clay, International project, Frans Hals Museum, Haarlem
1988Presentation in the show cases of Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam

Review Exhibition of collaborating artists Anne van der Waerden and Kees Hoogendam, Stedelijk Museum Schiedam

New Art Forms, Chicago International, Chicago, USA
1990Contempory Dutch Delftware, Frans Hals Museum, Haarlem

Zeitgenussische Keramik, Keramion, Frechen, Germany

Decoratio, Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam

Contemporary Dutch Delftware, Museum Het Prinsenhof, Delft
1991Leerdam Unica, National Glass Museum, Leerdam

Contempory Dutch Delftware, Gemeente Museum Roermond

Ceramics inspired by Architecture, Museum Arnhem
1992Leerdam Unica, Nationaal Glas Museum Leerdam
1993Collection Benno Premsela, Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam

Leerdam Unica, Nationaal Glass Museum, Leerdam
1994Solo presentation of glass objects, Museum Van der Togt, Amstelveen

Galerie Rob van den Doel, Den Haag
1995Daffodils and glass, Frans Hals Museum, Haarlem
1996Solo glass presentation of Lingams, Showcases Frans Hals Museum, Haarlem
1996/97John Wortel/Anne van der Waerden,  Stedelijk museum, Vianen
1997Overview exhibition, Gemeente Museum Vianen
1998Premsela Present, Designers for a Designer, Galerie Binnen, Amsterdam
1999Overview of ceramics from the 20th century, Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam
2000De meesters, de Boog, IJsselstein
2008Galerie Carla Koch, Amsterdam
2015Clay!, Haags gemeente museum (now Kunst museum), Den Haag
2018John Wortel/Anne van der Waerden,  Stedelijk museum, Vianen

Work in Public Collections

Frans Hals Museum, Haarlem

Museum Arnhem

Groninger Museum, Groningen

Haags gemeente museum (now Kunst museum), Den Haag
(6 items were purchased between 2015 -2019)

Kroller-Muller Museum, Otterlo

Museum Boymans Van Beuningen, Rotterdam

Museum het Kruithuis (now Design museum), Den Bosch

Museum voor Sierkunst, Ghent, Belgium

Museum ’t Princessehof, Leeuwarden
National Glass Museum, Leerdam

Palais des Beaux Arts, Brussels, Belgium

Rijksdienst Beeldende Kunsten, Den Haag

Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam

Stedelijk Museum Schiedam

University Museum, Mexico City, Mexico

Van Reekum museum (CODA), Apeldoorn
(now housed in collection Gelderland)

1982Travel grant Peru to study the ceramics of Shipibo Indians

Work acquired by the government
1985Prime Minister Lubbers presents 2 ceramic objects to Prime Minister Nakasone of Japan and to President Chun Doo Hwan of South-Korea.
1991Queen Beatrix buys a glass object as a state presents for an official visit to Japan.
(see foto)

Teaching Periods
1985Academy of Arts, St. Joost, Breda
1986/87Royal Academy of Art and Design, ‘s-Hertogenbosch

Working in de clay quarry with initiator of the project colleague Anne Ausloos
and our art students of Breda; we are making in midst of tons of clay,
objects that are constructed as kilns (ovens) that fire themselves 

Monumental Design
1976Truncated pyramid, sculpture in blue glass, 3 m high, Water Purification Station Rijn- Kennemerland, Jutphaas.
1989/90Two objects, cubes 40/40 cm made of and filled with ABN-counter glass what became redundant as separation, for ABN in Zeist and Roosendaal 
1993Object in glass for VSB-bank, Haarlem
1994/95Object in glass for Main VSB-bank for the Netherlands , Utrecht

Projects and design
1989Contemporary Delftware, cooperationship and confrontation between ten visual artists from different disciplines and two dutch ceramic factories: Tichelaar in Makkum and the Porceleyne Fles in Delft, a project of the European Ceramics Work Centre
1991/94Design of Unica, production in cooperation with dutch glass factory “Royal Leerdam”
1993Installation of 2 burial mounds “East-West”, during symposium concerning a cultural exchange with middle-european countries, Oude Kerkje, Kortenhoef
1994Working period in European Ceramics Work Centre in s-Hertogenbosch:

Big objects in wet clay/melted glass/marble (see foto)
1993/95Unique vases and massief formed objects (in hot glass) in co-operation with Bohemian Glass Craft Studio ‘Ajeto’ in the Czech Republic
1995A series of vases commissioned by Museum Kröller-Müller Museum Otterlo as a gift for outgoing Commissioners, executed by Studio ‘Ajeto’ in the Czech Republic

Choice from publications

Book: Nederlandse Keramiek 1900/1975, Mieke Spruit

Book: Nederlandse Keramiek 1975/1985, Mieke Spruit